Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy



Susan Atlas

Chemical and molecular physics, Materials Theory, Computational physics

Ivan Deutsch

Ivan Deutsch

Quantum Optics, Atom Optics, Laser Cooling, Quantum Information Science


Victor Acosta

Victor Acosta

Quantum sensing with color centers in diamond; AMO physics; Biological and chemical imaging.

Dr. Jean Claude Diels

Jean-Claude Diels

Fiber Optics, Laser Physics, Nonlinear Optics, Spectroscopy, Ultrafast Phenomena.

Optics, Experimental research in quantum optics, nonlinear optics, and quantum information
Dr. Terefe Habteyes

Terefe G. Habteyes

DNA mediated optical coupling, Semiconductor-metal hybrid nanomaterials, Fabrication and optical characterization of plasmonic sensors and probes, Energy transfer in coupled quantum dot and plasmonic nanostructures

 Dr. Kirk

Martin L. Kirk

Chemical Biology and Biochemistry,  Inorganic Chemistry,  Physical Chemistry

Dr. Keith Lidke

Keith A.Lidke

Fluorescence super-resolution techniques, Single-particle tracking, Hyperspectral microscopy 

Peter D. Schwindt 225x300

Peter Schwindt

Implementations of quantum information processing in neutral-atom systems and on development of high-precision, compact atomic clocks 

sheik bahae


Laser cooling of solids, Terahertz optics, ultrafast optics