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Partner with OSE

The Optical Science and Engineering Program (OSE) at the University of New Mexico (UNM) is seeking Corporate Partners to launch new initiatives in 2017. We have an exciting opportunity for our industry partners to directly contribute to our success through donations. These financial contributions will ensure the success of the OSE program and its graduates for years to come.

The vision of the OSE program is to provide a top-flight graduate program of education and research in optics and photonics, and the program has fulfilled this mission for over thirty years. Currently, more than 30 faculty members participate in OSE graduate programs. Nearly 150 students have graduated over the past 10 years (93 M.S. and 53 Ph.D.) and found employment in industry, academia, and government research laboratories. Pioneering research has originated from this program in areas ranging from the quantum theory of lasers to ultrashort pulse physics to optoelectronic devices, to cite only a few examples. UNM leadership and faculty have worked closely with industry leaders to develop programs to address this much needed, highly skilled workforce. To that end we are seeking support in three areas: Student Scholarships, OSE Seminar Series, and OSE Distinguished Lecture Series.

The costs for these areas are as follows:

Donors’ names as well as the company’s logo will be displayed on the UNM Optics website. All donation amounts are appreciated. We hope you consider giving to one of our programs.

OSE Endowment

If you would like to make a more lasting gift, we ask that you consider establishing an endowment, which provides support in perpetuity, in the area of your interest. Endowments begin at $25,000 and I look forward to having a conversation on how you can support OSE, our programs, students and research. If you are interested in establishing an endowment, please Sarah Fair at the UNM Foundation at 505-277-4435.

Thank you for your continued support for the OSE program. We look forward to partnering with you.

The OSE Program