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Mr. Amir Khabbazi Oskouei, OSE Ph.D. Student, Wins 1st place for the MJ Soileau Best Student Presentation Award at the SPIE Laser Damage.

Departmental News

Mr. David Valdes

Posted: April 15, 2019

The SPIE organization and the Laser Damage 2018 Co-Chairs, were happy to extend their congratulations to OSE Ph.D. student, Mr. Amir Khabbazi Oskouei on receiving 1st place for the MJ Soileau Best Student Presentation Award for his submission:

 Femtosecond laser-induced modifications of frequency tripling mirrors [10805-66]

The committee thanked Mr. Amir Khabbazi Oskouei for his outstanding student presentation and for his manuscript submission in the LD 2018 Proceedings. At Laser Damage 2019, SPIE will present a personalized LD desktop trophy to him along with a $500 (US) honorarium as a token of their appreciation of his contributions to the conference. 

Amir has been a member of Dr. Wolfgang Rudolph’s research group.  Dr. Rudolph’s research includes the following topics: ultrashort phenomena, spectroscopy, femtosecond microscopy, infrared lasers, and bio-optics.

Congratulations Amir on a job well done!