Professor Ganesh Balakrishnan Given the 2019 Harrison Faculty Recognition Award

Departmental News

Ganesh Balakrishnan

Posted: May 1, 2019

Congratulations to Professor Ganesh Balakrishnan for being awarded the 2019 Harrison Faculty Recognition Award by the UNM School of Engineering.

The Harrison Faculty Recognition Award was established in 2005. The award honors Stanley E. Harrison, who received his master’s degree in electrical engineering from UNM and is awarded to mid-level faculty who have a demonstrated commitment to community service, are recognized by their peers and are dedicated to engineering education.

Dr. Balakrishnan’s primary research focus for the past decade has been the growth and characterization of highly mismatched III-Sb compound semiconductors on GaAs and Silicon substrates. The specific contribution made by Dr. Balakrishnan to this area of research is the novel use of interfacial misfit dislocation arrays in enabling low defect-density, bufferless, monolithic integration of III-Sb on GaAs and Silicon substrates for increased antimonide device functionality on mature platforms. His body of work using molecular beam epitaxy has resulted in over 60 peer-reviewed publications, 30 conference presentations, and several patents.