Biophotonics & Imaging


Prof. Alejandro Manjavacas 225x300

Alejandro Manjavacas

Chemical and molecular physics, Materials Theory, Computational physics

Dr. Viktoriia Babicheva

Viktoriia Babicheva




Victor Acosta

Victor Acosta

 Quantum sensing, NV centers, biological and chemical imaging


Steve Brueck

Lithography, Nanostructures, Optoelectronics, Epitaxial growth, Nonlinear optics

Dr. Francesca Cavallo

Francesca Cavallo

atomic/molecular/optical (AMO) physics, condensed-matter physics, quantum information science, and biomedical imaging

Prof. Tonmoy Chakraborty 225x300

Tonmoy Chakraborty

Biomedical imaging, optics instrumentation, light-sheet microscopy

Dr. Keith Lidke

Keith Lidke

Super-resolution microscopy, biophysics, quantum imaging

Prof. Stefan Posse 225x300

Stefan Posse

Magnetic resonance imaging

Dr. Wolfgang Rudolph

Wolfgang Rudolph 

Ultra-fast optics, biophysics, laser damage, dielectric coatings

andy shreve

Andy Shreve

Magnetic resonance imaging

james thomas

James Thomas

biophysics, fluorescence microscopy, ultrasound methods