Mr. Bisweswar Patra, OSE PHD Student Showcased his Research at the UNM Shared Knowledge Conference

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Posted: November 3, 2023

TitleRealizing Molecular Optomechanics Induced Hybrid Properties in Soft Materials Filled Plasmonic Nanocavities 


Bisweswar Patra, Doctoral Candidate, Optical Science and Engineering, Center for High Technology Materials, University of New Mexico 

Bijesh Kafle, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Center for High Technology Materials, University of New Mexico 

Terefe G. Habteyes*, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Center for High Technology Materials, University of New Mexico 



Recent advances indicate that enhanced light-matter interaction in plasmonic nanocavities can create hybrid properties in integrated plasmonic metal nanostructures and soft materials. Here, by integrating polyelectrolytes and surface ligands in gold nanorod-on-mirror nanocavities and detecting the nanocavity resonance and vibrational Raman scattering simultaneously, we found that the plasmon-vibration interaction modifies both the nanocavity and molecular responses. Large enhancement of Raman scattering accompanied by the plasmon resonance linewidth broadening are observed as the laser-plasmon detuning approaches the CH vibrational frequency of the molecular systems in the nanocavities. The experimental observations are consistent with the molecular optomechanics theory that predicts dynamical backaction amplification of the vibrational modes and high sensitivity of Raman scattering when the plasmon resonance overlaps with the Raman emission frequency. The results presented here suggest that molecular optomechanics coupling may be manipulated for creating hybrid properties based on quantum mechanical interaction of molecular oscillators and nanocavity electromagnetic optical modes. 



Bisweswar Patra is currently a doctoral candidate in the Optical Science and Engineering program at the University of New Mexico (UNM). He earned his B.Sc. degree in Physics (Honours) from University of Calcutta, India.  He received his M.Sc. degree in Applied Physics from IIT (ISM) Dhanbad, India. During that time, he conducted research on embedded gold nanostructures for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) application. in 2018, he joined the research group of Prof. Terefe Habteyes at UNM focusing research on plasmonic and nanophotonics. His current research involves the development of soft material integrated hybrid plasmonic nanocavity for understanding molecular optomechanics and investigation of plasmon enhanced photon emissions from 2D and III-V semiconductors using single particle spectroscopy and near-field microscopy. 

Link to Dr. Terefe Habteyes's Research Group:

About the UNM Shared Knowledge Conference - Poster Showcase:  

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